Spectacular Interiors

Exceptional Attention to Detail

Every new cabinet project is different; some are straight forward, some come with challenges.
Whatever the need, the goal for Ars Lignea is the same – stunning results and client satisfaction.
To achieve these goals, we collaborate closely with all the involved trades and designers. Our job does not end with the production of just boxes and doors; we reach further by keeping vital aspects of the process “in house” to control quality at our standards while staying flexible and timely.
Our services can be hired individually as well, and if you need help with something not listed, please ask.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish”!

Ars Lignea can take your vision from a drawing on a napkin to a properly dimensioned set of shop drawings. Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings allow for changes on the fly, such as altering colors easily for better visualization and then once agreed on, these become the basis for a proper contract.
Our drawings typically include floor plans, elevations, isometric views and detail sections and integrating proper site measurements, space, and appliance requirements.

The bread and butter of any cabinet shop is the “supply only” or “supply and installation” of cabinets and doors for kitchens, bathrooms, or built-ins. Tell us your ideas, and let us quote for your project.

Custom Veneering
Custom Veneering is a traditional art that Ars Lignea excels at, and we know how to do it right.
In 2009, we invested in a hot-press, veneer stitcher, veneer saw and veneer sander. Now, over 10 years later, our process is dialed in and the quality results are obvious.
We are able to provide A1 edging for flat panel cabinet-doors or passage-doors with book-, slip- or end-matched grain patterns, highly sought-after features on quality projects.

CNC machining
CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control” meaning the computer converts a design or shape produced by CAD software into a cut-ready file for a router or saw. Ars Lignea invested in this technology in 2008 and we have never looked back. Tasks like radius work and intricate patterns can be processed with precision, speed and the flexibility to change the program on the fly if needed.
Our focus is primarily on wood, but we also work with aluminum and plastics.

Custom Millwork items
Engineered wooden stair-treads, wooden handrails and wall-paneling are all good examples of the secondary millwork products we offer to complement our millwork and cabinet packages. If a design calls for a house to be made from “one tree” or species for consistency, then we can go the extra mile to fabricate these components.

Ars Lignea also fabricates custom flush or flat interior passage doors to match your millwork theme. This can be the supply of the slabs only, or delivered as a pre-hung combo in a wood or paint-grade frame. When it gets “too custom” for a regular door supplier, we can easily step in and fill the void.

Solid Surface
Solid Surface materials, like Corian® or Avonite®, make a great choice for countertops. Because these materials are processed with woodworking tools makes it a good fit for us. Ideal for radius work or an unusual color pattern, it also makes a funky choice for 100% seamless shower or bathroom enclosures with endless design possibilities.
Our showroom displays Corian®, Avonite®, Meganite® and others, and we are certified Corian® Solid Surface Fabricators and Installers.